Proven Defense for Students Charged with School Disciplinary Code Violations.

Whether you or a loved one needs information to make an informed decision about a violation letter, or immediate legal representation to protect your rights, we’re here to help. Put proven experience to work for you and build your strongest defense.

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We know the clock is ticking.

So we fly into action. Job One is to assess and evaluate the school’s case, plan a defense, and obtain evidence to safeguard your studies and your future.


Through the entire process.

Communication from the 1st notice to the appeal, keeping you fully informed with an understanding of the process and procedures.


We’re confident and ready.

Nearly two decades of experience gives us a decided advantage. We understand the stakes, the process, the systems, and what it takes to succeed.

Dozens of Institutions and each with their own rules.

I represent many schools

Safeguard Your Future


You need to understand that with dozens of colleges, each has dozens of their own rules, hearing processes and penalties that may not make sense, but even worse – are unfair. Everything is on the line – studies, school, scholarship, career opportunities and more. It’s time for swift, decisive action from a proven lawyer fighting for you.


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About Scott Limmer

After nearly two decades representing clients in criminal, special education and higher education disciplinary hearings, I have a genuine empathy for young people with their lives ahead of them but facing uncertain futures because of some mistake they have made.

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